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Earnings in financial markets: is it roulette or science?

Earnings in financial markets: is it roulette or science?

Technologies have made financial instruments trading possible and accessible from anywhere on the globe where there’s Internet connection. Annoying ads always assure that stocks and currency trading is easy, but in reality the majority of self confident investors end up in losses. For some it is a discovery that you actually need to study first. Others may think that financial market trading is some kind of a game, however one’s profit would normally depend on accurate calculations and strict compliance with the rules rather than luck.

These rules have been elaborated by traders throughout decades. Those who know them and follow have more chances to achieve constant income in trading. Even though it seems that currency and energy carrier exchange rates are absolutely unpredictable, there are certain signals that show you when you need to place a buy or sell order. Understanding these signals one makes it easier to enter the market and then close the deal with profit. Therefore you need to pass a learner’s course before you open your first orders or invest into any financial asset.

Currencies are as good for trading as oil, gas, gold or wheat and anything else. Currencies rates are never static, they always move allowing traders to make a profit from it. You don’t even need to go to a bank to buy the euros, USD or Japanese yens there – you can do that right in front of your laptop or even tapping your phone’s screen would be enough. You can still buy and sell and consequently earn more than you currently have.

How’s that possible? The majority of the deals in trading are carried out using the leverage, a special setting that allows one to use 50, 100 or even 1000 times more funds. Sounds very attractive, but it’s not that easy: as we’ve mentioned before one has to follow specific rules and at least have an understanding of what to sell or buy.

It’s best to start with the basics of trading, for example on a free learner’s course by FIBO Academy. You’ll learn what trading is and how it works. Having understood the principles of financial markets you would discover new financial possibilities for yourself. The knowledge of basic terms will help you understand what it is being talked about in the finance news, how this news influence the currency rate movement and index and commodities prices. Studying the fundamental analysis will let you evaluate the economic situation yourself. The learner’s course will help you not only take the right decisions in trading or investment but also in life. It is also a good way to know yourself better, learn how to take weighed decisions and draw grounded conclusions. It is of zero importance if trading becomes one of your income sources, you can always apply your knowledge in other activities.


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